Are Dental X-Rays Safe for Kids?

Are Dental X-Rays Safe for Kids?

May 01, 2019

Dental x-rays for children can be vital to detect any issues hidden beneath the surface of the teeth enamel and below the gum line. Many parents have concerns if x-rays are safe for their kids or not. The fact is, with modern technology, the x-rays are safer than ever, says pediatric dentist in Bloomfield. It’s because of the introduction of digital x-rays. They have replaced the traditional x-rays and emit about 80% less radiation than film x-rays. The level of radiation from a set of digital x-rays is less than level of radiation we are exposed to naturally during a single day.

While deciding if dental x-ray is necessary for your child or not, an experienced dentist will be required as he will weigh up the risks against the benefits based on the child’s condition.

Benefits of Dental X-rays

While x-rays are diagnostic in nature, they are also a preventive measure to help diagnose issues in your child’s mouth before they become a major problem. Dental X-rays Bloomfield are required for detecting problems such as jaw and tooth root issues and gum disease including gingivitis. Discovering these problems at an early stage is vital for devising an effective plan of treatment.

Intraoral X-rays 

One of the most common forms of dental radiography is producing images from inside of the mouth. They show precise details of teeth and supporting bones enabling the dentist to evaluate tooth development, detect cavities, and check root health.

Extraoral X-rays

These are taken outside the mouth to concentrate on the bigger bones in the head especially lower and upper jaw. The images help the kid’s dentist in monitoring the condition of the jaw joint and spot issues such as impacted teeth, says pediatric dentist in 06002.

Orthodontic X-rays

The orthodontic x-rays show an entire side of the child’s head. As the teeth are visible in the same image as the head and jaw, the images can help in planning orthodontic treatments for correcting the misaligned and crooked teeth.

You need to visit a pediatric dentist near me for weighing the pros and cons of both the types of x-rays.

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