Cancellation Policy


Parents/caregivers are responsible for notifying our office if the patient is not going to be able to comply with their scheduled appointment. An appropriate amount of notice (48hrs) must be given to allow the office to reschedule that time slot.

A new patient who fails to arrive to their first scheduled appointment will no longer be scheduled in our office.

Patients are allowed one unexcused absence or no-show without giving at least 48 hours prior notification within a 6-month period of time This does not include advanced cancellation, cancellation due to illness or unforeseen circumstances, or cancellation of an appointment by our office due to staff illness or inclement weather. After the second unexcused absence or no-show, the patient will be discharged from the practice. Extenuating circumstances will be considered at the discretion of the doctor and office manager.

Parent/caregiver will be notified of discharge via certified letter. Our office will cover the patient for 30 days for emergency care. This should provide enough time to find another dental provider.

Patients arriving 15 minutes late or more will be asked to reschedule their appointments. Excessive tardiness may result in discharge from the office.

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