Diets For Healthy Teeth

Diets For Healthy Teeth

Nov 01, 2019

The foods and drinks you eat affect your dental health as well as your overall health. The mouth is in charge of the first steps of the digestion process. Chewing and swallowing are aided by teeth, gums and the tongue. In that case, proper oral care goes beyond regular flossing and brushing your teeth twice every day.

As you grow older, the sense of healthy living becomes more vivid than ever. Unlike a child who would need a pediatric dentist in Bloomfield to remind them of proper dental care, adults can handle it on their own. For children, deliberate effort is needed from a guardian or a parent to improve their oral health.

Foods to Avoid in Dental Health

The regular visits to a pediatric dentist in 06002 are the best way to nip it when it comes to knowing which foods to avoid. Children are mostly drawn to sugary foods and drinks. The sugar rush that comes from such foods is thrilling for them. While the boost of energy might help them in outdoor playing, it is not the best for dental health. Some foods to cut down on include:

  • Candies – there are several types of candies available in the market. Most of them are full of sugars, which makes them ‘sweet’. Hard or soft candies are all bad for teeth. This is especially worse for kids that love to crush and chew on the hard candies. The residues of the sugar get stuck on the depression of teeth, creating room for cavities.
  • Soft drinks – sodas and other fizzy drinks contain carbonated water and sugar content that is not beneficial for healthy teeth.
  • Cookies and pastries – like candies, cookies, and pastries like biscuits can get stuck in teeth and cause decay.
  • Chewing gums – gums are not only sugary but also sticky. Kids love to mess with gum. Other than messing up their clothing with the sticky substance, gum can also cause cavities on teeth.

The list is long on the bad food choices that can cause havoc on oral care. If you are unsure about some of the foods in your house, check with a pediatric dentist near you for clarity.

Healthy Foods for Dental Health

Now that you have a clue on what is bad for your dental health, how about a look at what can help? The mouth is the first contact point of the body for nutrients from food. All the food groups that a dietician recommends are typically perfect for your dental health and overall health. When it comes to kids, getting them to love healthy foods can be hard. It may require consistent and deliberate effort to make them appreciate the benefits of these foods. Examples include:

  • Vegetables – vegetables are rich in nutrients and vitamins that are good for the body and teeth. Increase the intake of vegetables in your home by introducing varieties. Examples are spinach, kales, pumpkin, carrots, broccoli, and lettuce, to mention a few. Do not hold back from hard vegetables like raw carrots that will help with chewing exercises for your child.
  • Fruits – fruits are amazing for the health of a human being. Keep your fruit options open, ranging from bananas and avocados to cherries and berries. Get your child to eat at least one fruit every day. You can also make a salad or smoothie with the fruits to increase the variety.
  • Lean proteins – proteins are necessary for energy boost and growth, especially in kids. Opt for lean sources of proteins like fish, lean beef, peas, beans, among others.
  • Milk and other dairy products – for calcium, consider milk and dairy products for your child. Milk contains casein that helps fight tooth decay and strengthens the enamel of teeth.
  • Water – water is a natural cleaner that can get rid of food residues, toxins, and bacteria. Drinking a lot of water is great for overall health, not just the teeth.

Getting your child to adjust to healthy eating habits will take time. Do not deny your child the pleasure of snacking once in a while. However, limit the intake of those snacks that can compromise the health of their teeth. Besides, emphasize high oral hygiene standards, including regular flossing.

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