Mouthguards For Children: Why Are They Essential?

Mouthguards For Children: Why Are They Essential?

Apr 01, 2021

Children are involved in many activities that can impact their mouths, causing damages to their teeth and soft tissues in the mouth. Many children visit the pediatric dentist in Bloomfield with injuries to their teeth merely because their parents hadn’t invested in safeguards for their insolence.


Children involved in contact sports without mouthguards to protect their teeth are 60 times more likely to suffer damage which sometimes needs medical interventions because the injuries result in permanent damage. For some reason, parents of children admit their children do not wear mouthguards when involving organized sports. Parents of children must realize providing their child the essential safeguard to protect their teeth is an inexpensive method of dramatically decreasing the risks of oral injuries causing permanent damage.


Why Are Children Not Wearing Mouthguards?


If kid mouthguards are readily available with the pediatric dentist around me, why aren’t children prepared to use them? Many children do not consider wearing mouthguards when involved in sports because they are not required. Many sporting activities do not mandate wearing mouthguards, although they specify other protective gears such as helmets and shoulder pads are mandated. For some reason, the governing authorities think mouthguards are a waste of money even though they are more affordable than the other protective gear.


Mouthguards enable children to save teeth, protect their jaws, and prevent traumatic injuries like concussions. Still, the governing authorities overlook the need for a simple piece of equipment that contains significant expenditure for the parents and the stress of oral injuries to children.


Children losing their permanent teeth during a sporting activity endure a lifelong trauma because they are either left with blank spaces in their mouths or are affected by other dental issues that follow tooth loss.


How to Get Children to Wear Mouthguards?


Getting children to wear mouthguards is not a challenging task. Parents can take their child to the dentist open on Sunday when their child is away from school and trying to make the best of the weekend. Better still, parents must consider taking their child to the best pediatric dentist near me to convince them of the need to wear mouthguards to protect their oral cavity.


Pediatric dentists have unique techniques to convince children why they will be better off with some protection over their teeth because mouthguards can help children in many ways. The pediatric dentist will explain to your child how their upper teeth are vulnerable to injuries than their lower teeth and recommend a customized mouthguard fitting the child’s mouth entirely, easy to clean, and does not restrict speaking of breathing. Most importantly, dental professionals ensure customized devices are durable and last for some time before replacements are needed.


After visiting the pediatric dentist, it is natural for parents to consider visiting the nearby drugstore in search of stock mouthguards that do not adequately serve the needs of children. Stock mouthguards are created for everyone and will not fit children’s mouths appropriately unless they are specifically made. Stock mouthguards are inexpensive and come with a set of drawbacks that most people don’t consider.


Where Should Parents Get Mouthguards for Their Children?


The best place to get perfectly fitting mouthguards for children is from the pediatric dentist they visit. The dentist takes molds of the child’s mouth to have the mouthguard specially developed in a child’s dental laboratory. Customized mouth guards are fabricated from quality dental-grade plastic and are comfortable to wear for the child without posing any challenges when breathing, speaking, or cleaning. The customized appliance undoubtedly costs more than stock mouthguards but offers significant protection levels not available in the common variety.


Having invested some money in a customized mouthguard to safeguard their child’s teeth, parents may question how long do mouthguards last? The lifespan of the mouthguard depends on the kind of wear and tear her child subjects it to. If your child is involved in sporting activity throughout the season, the mouthguard will likely wear down faster and need replacements. However, the chances are high that your child will become accustomed to the appliance and continue wearing and caring for them as recommended by the pediatric dentist. However, parents must prepare themselves for requests for new mouthguards at least twice a year because the customized devices can sustain different kinds of damages from regular wear, improper cleaning and storing, and other factors.


Mouthguards for kids are incredibly essential because they prevent damages to the child’s oral cavity and necessary expenditure for the parents with different medical professionals when their children are injured in various sporting activities.

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