Pediatric Dental Braces FAQs

Pediatric Dental Braces FAQs

Apr 01, 2020

Do you remember a few decades ago when braces were large and unsightly? Well, a lot has changed since then. Today, a variety of options are available that you can choose from to help align your child’s teeth. But, before you see a pediatric dentist near you for treatment, it is important to have a few facts. In this post, we answer some of the common questions about pediatric braces.

Why Would My Child Need Braces and How Can Tell?

No, dental braces are not a rite of passage. Although most children tend to get braces, it is not a mandatory treatment. Some children have normal teeth and jaw bone growth without braces.

Our pediatric dentist in Bloomfield can recommend dental braces to correct dental problems such as crossbite, overcrowding, overlapping, missing, and crooked teeth.

Some of these dental problems are visible and need no explaining. However, sometimes you need to watch out for these symptoms:

  • Irregular or late loss of primary teeth
  • Mouth breathing
  • Thumb sucking
  • Difficulty biting and chewing

When is the Right Time to Get Braces?

Take note; your child Take note; your child should have their first orthodontic treatment at age seven. When the permanent teeth start to develop, and it’s important to have the teeth and jaw evaluated for any abnormalities. Early orthodontic treatment may, however, not begin until later on when most of the permanent teeth have emerged.

Braces have recommended when the child is between 8 and 14 years. Keep in mind though that the dentist can use the interceptive approach if the child has a dental problem that needs correcting. The interceptive dental technique is the first step of orthodontic treatment and is used when the primary teeth are still present, and involves using other dental appliances instead of dental braces.

Where Do I Go for Treatment?

Braces are an orthodontic treatment and should have done by an orthodontist. However, if the dental problem is not severe, a pediatric dentist can also offer brace treatment. If you don’t know where to start, visit a pediatric near you for guidance on the best form of treatment for your child.

What Brace Type Are Available?

Some kids may dread dental braces because of their unsightly appearance. However, traditional braces are not what they used to be in the past. Today, the braces are thin, sleek, and comfortable. Not only that, but children can now choose customized colorful braces. Traditional braces are highly recommended for children because they are not removable. However, it is important to teach your child proper brushing skills as the braces tend to trap food in between the metal wires.

Other types of braces include Invisalign, which is a brand name but mostly used to refer to the clear braces. These braces are removable and designed in the child’s dental shape. Its primary advantage is that it’s clear and invisible, rarely will people notice them. Unlike traditional braces, though, the Invisalign needs to be removed when eating and brushing.

Will My Child Feel Pain When Braces Are Fixed?

Yes, there will be slight discomfort when the braces have first fixed, and every time they are adjusted. The braces apply pressure on the teeth to align them, causing discomfort. Sometimes the metal wires can irritate the gums, but the orthodontist will give wax to cover the sharp edges.

How Long Will They Wear the Braces?

The treatment process will vary depending on the severity of the dental problem and your child’s cooperation with the treatment process. However, on average, braces can be worn between 18 and 24 months or until the correct alignment is achieved.

How Can We Maintain the Braces?

Braces can break and affect the treatment process. It is, therefore, important to avoid anything sticky, hard, or chewy, and they may cause the braces to break. Furthermore, it is crucial to teach the children to brush immediately after eating food to avoid particles from sticking.

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Braces are perfect for correcting orthodontic dental problems and will work great for your child. If you have more questions about braces, contact our pediatric dentist near Bloomfield or visit Bloomfield Pediatric Dentistry for assistance.

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