Quick Tips To Help Your Child Beat Thumb Sucking

Quick Tips To Help Your Child Beat Thumb Sucking

Jan 16, 2019

The pediatric dentist near Bloomfield, CT says that thumb sucking is a very common habit found in many children. Approximately one third of the children suck their thumbs and fingers during their first year. However, thumb sucking should not be ignored by parents as it can lead to various consequences.

Thumb Sucking can Cause Oral Health Problems

Thumb sucking can lead to various oral issues which can have negative effect on the development of mouth such as open bite where the there is a gap between the top and bottom teeth when mouth is closed. It can also lead to narrowing or distortion of palate which can lead to abnormal speech and misaligned bite patterns.

There can be many underlying reasons for thumb sucking such as boredom, anger, hunger, anxiety, stress, or sadness. They usually suck their thumbs for getting relief.

Quick Tips to Defeat Thumb Sucking

While thumb sucking is common in younger age, it is a matter of concern if the child doesn’t stop sucking thumb till the age of 4. It becomes necessary to stop the kids for a healthy smile. According to pediatric dentist in Bloomfield, by the age of 4, the teeth will be rapidly growing and thumb sucking can make a negative impact.

Identifying the triggers

One of the simple ways to prevent your child from sucking thumbs is finding out what triggers them. Identifying the cause will help in reinforcing positive behavior and prepare them in advance for the situation.


The best way to stop the child from sucking thumb is intervening whenever they suck the thumb. Explain them that it is a bad habit and help them to achieve a healthy smile. You alone can’t stop your child so ask other family members as well to take care of the situation and stop the child from sucking thumb.

The pediatric dentist in 06002 says that you can divert their attention when they suck thumb by giving them their favorite toy, playing with them, or showing them something else so that their attention is immediately diverted.

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