Remarkable Benefits Of Digital Dental X-rays

Remarkable Benefits Of Digital Dental X-rays

Feb 02, 2022

Dental technology has advanced to deliver comfortable, painless, and quick dental care. Previously traditional dental x-ray methods had many issues related to waiting and preparation times, environmental concerns, etc. However, digital x-rays in Bloomfield through radiography have revolutionized dental x-ray technology and the general dentistry practice for professionals.

How Digital Radiography Works

Digital X-rays near you closely resemble traditional x-rays. During the process, the pediatric dentist in Bloomfield, CT, inserts a sensor in your mouth to take images of your teeth.

The difference between digital x-rays and traditional techniques lies in the fact that the digital sensor is connected to a computer instead of using a film. The sensor takes images, then projects them on a computer monitor, so both the patient and the dentist can view them.

For this and more reasons, digital x-ray methods have many benefits to look upon as described below:

Benefits of Dental Digital X-rays

Better Images

X-ray captures in modern radiography are taken using digital sensors, unlike traditional x-ray films. The sensors produce high-quality images that are even saved in the computer to view later. High quality and maximum resolution mean better information for the dentist to use. It also captures images of the gums and other oral structures.

Enlargement Options

When looking at images from a traditional x-ray film, the image can only be viewed in its actual size. However, it’s possible to enlarge digital images to see more detail. Therefore, the dentist can detect potential problems better than in traditional ways.

Immediate Viewing

Traditional x-rays require that you wait for your dentist to develop the film. Currently, the pediatric dentist in Bloomfield offers immediate viewing of the imaged area. The processed images can quickly be pulled from the computer as soon as they are captured.

Better Diagnostics

Better access to clear images and extra information increases the preciseness of diagnosis. Patients can be assured that the diagnosis and treatment plan is well customized regarding the precise conditions of their mouth.

Digital x-rays reveal the most hidden issues, like inconspicuous areas of tooth decay, bone infections, gum disease, tumors, and extra discreet abnormalities that cannot be seen during visual exams.

Saves Time and Money

Digital x-rays near you ensure early detection of dental issues, which helps to minimize the required treatments. The result is that patients save more money and time by avoiding excessively invasive therapies.

Minimal Radiation

Researchers show that using digital x-ray methods decreases radiation by up to 70% than traditional x-ray equipment. Additionally, minimizing radiation reduces the potential for developing side effects and long-term risks associated with x-ray exposure.

Electronic Storage

One benefit of digitizing dental x-rays is that the dentist can indefinitely store the images. Instead of hoarding extensive paperwork and files, digital images are easily stored in the cloud and quickly accessible for future references.

Easy Access

With digital radiography, whenever the need for storage or sharing arises, they are easily printable into many copies. This is unlike traditional x-rays, which produce only single master copies on a filmed image. It’s also easy to send pictures using electronic systems to insurance companies, which speeds up the process of making some insurance claims.

Environmentally Friendly

The digital x-rays process does not need film-processing chemicals; they provide a simple solution for eliminating pollution. You acquire digital images without producing the left-over chemicals that are toxic wastes.

In other words, film x-rays were invented around 1895, more than a decade ago. Technology has come a long way since then, and today, film x-rays are a rather antique technique.

While film x-ray technology is cheaper than digital x-rays in Bloomfield, CT, extended exposure to x-rays is harmful to the body. It influences the patient’s overall health, especially in children, due to the increased duration of radiation exposure needed for specific types of films.

Advanced dental offices have currently switched to digital technology since it ensures:

  • Reduction of more than 70% of the radiation
  • less discomfort
  • quick diagnosis and detection of the problem
  • Less treatment time.

We are committed to offering our patients the best dental services and treatment experience. If you are interested to learn more about digital dental x-rays and their benefits, book an appointment today. Our office is open to you anytime. Call us today!

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