Saving Space For Permanent Teeth With A Space Maintainer

Saving Space For Permanent Teeth With A Space Maintainer

Dec 12, 2018

If your child’s teeth have started to fall out to make room for their adult teeth, but you notice that their permanent teeth seem to be slow in their arrival, it might be time to think about a space maintainer. Why? Because the use of a space maintainer now could save you thousands of dollars down the road on future orthodontic work.

If you’d like to learn more about this cost-saving option or the different types of space maintainers that Bloomfield Pediatric Dentistry offers, keep reading to learn everything you need to know about why your child might need a space maintainer.

How a Space Maintainer Can Help

When your child has premature tooth loss which can be caused naturally or by a traumatic occurrence, a space maintainer can be used to hold back what is most likely next to happen — teeth moving forward from other parts of the mouth to fill the space left vacant. The result? Overcrowding of your child’s permanent teeth.

Types of Space Maintainers for Pediatric Use

Most pediatric space maintainers are custom molded to fit your child’s mouth and are comprised of a metal band that attaches to a rectangular-shaped wire that closes the gap of the missing tooth. Much like an adult bridge that acts to fill the space of a missing tooth, a pediatric space maintainer fills the gap of the missing tooth so it can come in without being overly crowded. That means you won’t have to worry about having to correct crowding issues in your child’s teeth down the road. With the use of a space maintainer in Bloomfield, CT now, you’ll be able to save your heard-earned dollars for more important things in your child’s future like their college education!

Determining if Your Child Needs a Pediatric Space Maintainer

You may be wondering “does my child need one…and if so, do they need one for every tooth they lose?” The answer is probably not. This article is not written to propose that your child needs a space retainer for every tooth that’s lost as they’re maturing into their adult teeth. But we do suggest that you work with your pediatric dentist to determine when a space retainer is needed so you can assure your child has a winning adult smile.

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