Dental Exam In Bloomfield, CT

Dental Exam In Bloomfield, CT

Prep-up for your dental treatment

Having regular dental examinations are a very important part of your health care. If you haven’t been in a while or it’s your first time making an appointment, here is what you can expect to happen.

If you’re a new patient to the dental office, the dentist will likely start with a brief exam where he’ll determine any obvious problems, and then he’ll allow the dental hygienist to begin doing a professional cleaning.

If you are experiencing pain or another obvious problem, the dentist will likely address these problems first, before the cleaning commences. The order of dental treatment is going to be determined by the state of your oral health. The initial examination is going to include an inspection of your mouth, tongue, and your cheeks. The dentist will probably order dental x-rays.

The x-rays will be able to spot decay and trouble areas that aren’t completely obvious with a surface exam. Decay that’s located between the teeth or surrounding an old filling can be difficult to spot without using x-rays.

The dentist will also be checking for any signs of gum disease, oral cancer, or any other potential problems with your mouth, tongue, or jaw. He’ll also check the alignment of your jaw, and whether your bite is correct (so looking for an overbite or underbite).

He will also ask for a completed dental and medical history before the exam and will discuss anything that he finds to be significant. This can include certain medications and chronic diseases.

If he finds that you have cavities, gum disease, or any other problem, the dentist will begin discussing the next step and will help you understand the work that needs to be done, and what your options are.

Dental hygienists will perform a thorough dental cleaning and help you understand proper brushing and flossing techniques and any other dental tips he might have, such as what kind of beverages (like soda) and foods (like candy) you should be avoiding.

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If you feel some anxiety about going to the dentist, especially if you haven’t gone for a long time or it’s your first time there), you can rest easy knowing that they use modern tools and medications that will limit your discomfort. We’ve helped countless patients in Granby, Simsbury, East Windsor, Hartford, Tariffville, and the surrounding areas, and we’d love to do the same for you! For a dental exam, book online today!

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