Fluoride Treatment In Bloomfield, Ct

Fluoride Treatment In Bloomfield, Ct

Tooth decay is a major childhood concern these days. It is one of the most common dental issues that kids face. Untreated tooth decay can lead to several bad outcomes, including cavities, bacterial infection, persistent toothaches, and oral surgery. So, why allow any of these alarming scenarios to develop when preventative dentistry near you is available?

Professional fluoride treatments in Bloomfield, CT are one of the ways your Bloomfield dentist can help protect your child’s teeth. Topical fluoride applications strengthen tooth enamel and serve as a barrier against harmful bacteria and acids. In conjunction with dental sealants, fluoride treatments can help decrease the likelihood of cavities.

About Fluoride Treatments at Our Bloomfield Office

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that exists all over the world. Many communities add it to local tap water sources. Fluoride is also found in fortified toothpaste and mouth rinses. Regardless, there is often a need for an extra dose of cavity-fighting protection.

It is important for children to receive fluoride treatments because young teeth are more susceptible to decay and cavities. Topical fluoride applications have been proven effective at guarding tooth enamel against damaging acid, plaque and sugars.

In addition, the professional fluoride gel or varnish is painted on by your Bloomfield pediatric dentist is much more effective than toothpaste or fluoridated water. At Bloomfield Pediatric Dentistry, we use both types of fluoride treatment for kids. The one we use on your child depends on individual needs and your child’s preference.

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At Bloomfield Pediatric Dentistry, we appreciate the positive impact of topical fluoride on oral health and dental hygiene. Therefore, we offer pediatric patients safe and effective fluoride treatment in Bloomfield, CT.

Do you think that you or a family member might need to schedule a visit for our fluoride treatment in Bloomfield? You can contact our dental office near you for more information. We’ve helped countless patients in Granby, Windsor, Hartford, East Windsor, Tariffville, Simsbury, and the surrounding areas, and we’d love to do the same for you! Ready to book today? Schedule your next fluoride treatment online today with our pediatric dentist near you in Bloomfield, CT.

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