Mouth Guards In Bloomfield, CT

Mouth Guards In Bloomfield, CT

Sports Mouthguards in Bloomfield, CT

A quality sports guard is an essential piece of athletic equipment. A well-fitted mouth guard can protect the teeth and soft tissues of the mouth. Most dental injuries, such as cracked chipped or knocked-out teeth, can be prevented by always wearing a mouth guard during sports play.

Bloomfield Mouthguards and Sports

Be sure that your child wears the mouth-guard when participating in any contact sport or athletic activity that involves a potential impact to the face. Sports like soccer, hockey, football, basketball, skateboarding, and lots more require mouth protection. Sports mouth guards can also be used for activities not commonly considered contact sports like skating or jumping on a trampoline.

Custom Sports Guards in Bloomfield, CT

Athletic mouthguards are available at drug stores, department stores, and other places that sell sports equipment. They come in many ready-made varieties and are usually very affordable. However, since every child has an oral cavity of different sizes and shapes, over the counter mouthguards can be a problem because the fit can’t be adjusted.

Boil and bite mouth guards are made of a pliable material that is heated and molded to the shape of a child’s teeth. This may sound easy enough, but it can be difficult to achieve. Some kids can’t insert the right teeth and tongue pressure to make an effective mold. The best sports guards are custom fitted by a Bloomfield dentist. A well-fitting mouth guard will provide optimal protection against dental traumas and injuries during intense sports play.

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