Dental Radiographic Imaging In Bloomfield, CT

Dental Radiographic Imaging In Bloomfield, CT

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Dental x-rays are a very useful tool when it comes to diagnosing any damage or disease that’s not readily visible with your regular dental examination. Determining how often you should get a dental x-ray will be dependent on several factors: your oral health, how old you are, your risk factors for disease, and symptoms you might be exhibiting that could suggest oral disease. Children are going to need more dental x-rays than grownups because their jaw and teeth are still growing and therefore their teeth have a higher susceptibility to dental decay than adults. The dentist is going to look over your history, look in your mouth, and afterward determine if you need dental x-rays or not.

If it’s your first time at the dentist, the dentist is probably going to suggest x-rays to get a clear look at the present state of your mouth’s health and have a beginning baseline that will help see changes that might happen later on. A new set of x-rays might be necessary to aide your dentist in finding possible new cavities, get a good look at the state of your gums, and evaluate the development and growth of your teeth. If your previous dentist took radiographs, your new one might request a copy of them.

Dental x-rays are considered safe, but they do have low levels of some radiation, which in turn will make the risk of possible harmful effects very minimal. Dental x-rays are created to limit the body’s exposure to the radiation, and every precaution is made in order to make sure that radiation exposure is limited. A leaded apron will minimize the exposure to your abdomen and might be used of it’s not going to interfere with getting the dental radiograph. A leaded thyroid collar will also protect the thyroid from any radiation and will probably be used when it is possible.

Make sure to let your dentist know if you are pregnant. During the pregnancy, you might need to have x-rays done as part of your plan against dental disease. Using the leaded apron and leaded thyroid collar is going to offer protection to you and your unborn baby.

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