Dental Sealants In Bloomfield, CT

Dental Sealants In Bloomfield, CT

Sealants are a protective coating that fills in the pits and grooves on the chewing surfaces of back teeth.

Tooth sealants flow into the tiny crevices and form a top layer over molars. Even kids with the best oral hygiene habits have difficulty thoroughly cleaning back teeth. The sealant material covers the grooves, forming a shield against food debris, plaque, and harmful bacteria. The team at Bloomfield Pediatric Dentistry is committed to preserving your child’s oral health, that is why we place dental sealants in Bloomfield, to reduce the risk of tooth decay.

When Sealants are Placed

Sealants serve as a barrier over the back-chewing surfaces. We place sealants on the permanent six and 12-year molars. Sometimes, they are used to protect adult premolars with deep grooves.

While dental sealants can be placed on primary teeth, typically, the first molars lack the same deep pits and grooves as adult molars. There is no need for the protective barrier because the shallow crevices in baby teeth can be cleaned easily.

How Sealants are Placed

The process of placing a sealant is quite simple. First, a professional dental cleaning is performed, and the treated tooth/teeth are kept dry. A tooth etch, or a bonding agent is used to condition the enamel. A thin layer of clear sealant is applied to the chewing surfaces and over the top. Then a special curing light is used to harden the layer and complete the procedure.

How Long Do Sealants Last?

With proper care and good oral hygiene habits, your child’s sealants can last for many years. Kids with sealants must avoid chewing on ice and other hard objects. The material will break down slowly over time and may need to be replaced. Your Bloomfield dentist will check the condition of sealants at every routine appointment.

Dental sealants help keep food and bacteria out, but they don’t fight cavities without daily brushing and flossing. Sealants offer no protection in-between teeth. These hidden areas are common places for decay to form. Keep your child’s gums and teeth in tip-top shape with good oral hygiene, regular dentist visits, and a healthy, balanced diet. Ready to schedule a visit? Book an appointment with us online today. We’ve helped countless patients in Granby, East Windsor, Hartford, Tariffville, Simsbury, and the surrounding areas, and we’d love to do the same for you!

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