The Importance Of Taking Care Of Baby Teeth

The Importance Of Taking Care Of Baby Teeth

Dec 16, 2018

Did you know that the health of your child’s baby teeth is just as important as their permanent ones? When it comes to pediatric dental care, many parents believe that baby teeth will just fall out and caring for them is less important. Unfortunately for many children, this is far from the case, the health of your baby teeth has a big impact on the health of your permanent teeth.

Why Care for Baby Teeth?

When it comes to caring for baby teeth, there are many reasons to do so. Baby teeth are actually a lot more soft and delicate than permanent teeth, making them more susceptible to decay and cavities. Baby teeth are important for the development of permanent teeth, damaged and decayed baby teeth can actually damage the permanent teeth behind them. Baby teeth that are lost too early can also result in crooked, misaligned, gapped or even overcrowded teeth.

How to Care for Baby Teeth?

Want to make sure your child’s baby teeth are as healthy and protected as possible? There are various steps you can take:

Clean Your Infants Smile

Even before your child’s first tooth erupts, you should be using a soft washcloth to gently massage and clean the gums. Once a tooth has erupted, you should switch to a soft children’s toothbrush and brush twice daily. Once two or more teeth have erupted, flossing should begin as well.

Finish Bottles Before Bed

You should always finish bottles before bed, exposing your child’s baby teeth to milk or even juice constantly will increase their risk of tooth decay and cavity formation. Make sure to clean their smile following the bottle as well.

Schedule Professional Care

Along with at-home dental care, it is important to schedule routine care with the dentist as well.

Visit Our Pediatric Dentist in Bloomfield, CT

Has your child visited the pediatric dentist for their first appointment yet? At Bloomfield Pediatric Dentistry we recommend that children visit us once their first tooth has erupted, if not by their first birthday. Contact our Bloomfield pediatric dentist today to schedule your child’s appointment, we look forward to treating their smile.

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