The Role Of Your Child’S Diet In Their Dental Development

The Role Of Your Child’S Diet In Their Dental Development

Mar 01, 2019

Kids are full of energy and always on the go and they need the right kind of diet as fuel for growing. The child’s diet plays an important role in their development. If you thought that the diet impacts only physical development, you are mistaken. What your child consumes has an impact on their dental health as well. According to Paediatric dentist in Bloomfield, eating healthy is not just good for their body but also for their dental development.

Sugar Plays a Major Part in Oral and Overall Health

Did you know that sugar has a major role to play in the oral and overall health of kids? We all know how much kids love sugar and so do bacteria in their mouth. Kids may ask and crave for sweets and confectionary items, as a responsible parent, it is you duty to offer them a healthier alternative. Make your child eat fresh fruit, nut butters, or lean protein as they make for a great mid-day snack without causing any cavity which is always the risk with sugar loaded candies and cookies. The food items that kids love the most are the ones that are detrimental to their dental health. These items are sugary and get stuck in teeth, says Paediatric dentist near 06002.

Encourage Proper Rehydration with Good Old Fashioned Water

It’s important to have proper saliva production for a good oral health. Without it, kids are at the risk of periodontal disease. Instead of a sugary soda or fruit juice, you must make your child drink a lot of water. Hydration is important for your overall health as well.

Make Sure Your Child is getting a Well Rounded Diet

When you think of food, you need to think of variety. The fruits are vegetables are available in a variety of textures and colours. Children love to explore variety and will certainly get excited about the variety. Incorporate seasonal fruits and vegetables in their diet as it will make them a less picky eater by developing their taste to a variety of textures/ flavours

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